Paint Voyager? FAQ

1. What is Paint Voyager

This service is designed to propose high-value-added Japanese paints to customers and efficiently deliver them to your doorstep.

2. What are the features of Paint Voyager?

Paint Voyager is a service that suggests high-value-added Japanese paints and enables efficient procurement even in small quantities.

3. How do you provide Japanese paints?

We leverage our trusted relationships with Japanese paint manufacturers to efficiently source a wide range of paint products from Japan.

4. Do you also provide related materials other than paints?

Yes, we offer a range of support beyond paints, providing various materials to help you achieve your coating requirements.

5. Can you tell me about Paint Voyager's hazardous material warehouse?

We have a fully-equipped hazardous material warehouse and comply with fire prevention regulations to safely store and supply hazardous materials, providing support for safe handling and procurement.

6. What categories of paints does Paint Voyager offer?

Paint Voyager’s broad range of offerings includes both powder coating and liquid paints, all designed for industrial use. We can also handle domestic brands as per our customers’ requests.

7. Is paint a hazardous product? If yes, is your company eligible for DG business?

– Paint is mostly categorized as DG, therefore, we need to thoroughly check its SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for accuracy.
– Our company is authorized to trade DG (dangerous goods) products, holding both a license for chemical trading and a license for restricted chemical trading and our warehouse fully complies with chemical laws.

8. Where can I find the product information?

You can access our products via the hyperlink provided at:
For prompt assistance, kindly contact our hotline: 84 (0) 858 242 215 (Mr. Thinh- in the North)/84 (0) 762 871 449 (Mr.Tin- in the South).

9. May I also know where and to whom I can direct further inquiries?

– If you need to make a paint request, please provide the necessary details through the request form on our website:
– Or call our hotline: 84 (0) 858 242 215 (Mr. Thinh- in the North)/84 (0) 762 871 449 (Mr.Tin- in the South)
– The product information you should provide us: product name, paint colour, brand, paint functions, quality standards, substrate materials, and estimated quantity if applicable

10. If we request for a particular paint color, can you develop that color? How is the process and how long does it take?

– Yes, we can develop color as the customer’s request. You can give Ral/JPMA color standard codes, or real color sample, and the technical requirements you need. We can develop the color relying on the requirements.
– The standard time frame for developing a new color is estimated at 7-10 working days. However, this may be adjusted depending on the technical requirements of each individual case.

11. If we have some specific functional requirements for a particular paint, can you propose or develop the new one?

Our diverse range of functional paint varieties enables us to suggest the ideal paint for you.

12. How many days can I get this service quotation?

It depends on the specifics of your request and the type of paint you are inquiring about. However, we assure you that we will carry out the process with utmost excellence

13. Do you provide free of charge paint samples?

We offer small complimentary samples for some domestic paint. However, for imported paint, due to international logistic expenses, the inquirer is responsible for the cost of the sample. It is determined by each individual request.

14. Do you enforce a minimum order quantity for each import?

Affirmative, we do. The MOQ is contingent on the specific type of paint and paint brands.

15. How can I ensure the quality and colour accuracy before shipping?

For every lot, we release a colour panel that has been verified and stamped by the manufacturer’s QC to guarantee quality.
If you notice any discrepancies in colour or quality, please contact us via the hotline: 84 (0) 858 242 215 (Mr. Thinh- in the North)/84 (0) 762 871 449 (Mr.Tin- in the South) for immediate assistance.

16. What modes of transportation does Paint Voyager provide for shipping?

We offer a variety of transportation options (Air freight, Ocean freight, Rail, Truck, etc.) based on the volume of the order and the specific requirements of our customers.

17. Does Paint Voyager have a monthly import? How can I find out the ETA of the imports?

Yes, we have a monthly import and our ETA is confirmed during the first week of each month.

18. Which technical documents are available for the imported paint?

Depending on your request, we can prepare the relevant technical documents accordingly. In essence, Paint provides standard documents, including the SDS (safety data sheet), TDS (technical data sheet), and COA (certificate of analysis).

19. If we get trouble in using your paint at our construction site, which technical assistances are available for us?

We can provide support remotely or on-site.
Please contact our hotline: 84 (0) 858 242 215 (Mr. Thinh- in the North)/84 (0) 762 871 449 (Mr.Tin- in the South) for further assistance.

20. Do you have a lawful DG warehouse for storing paints?

Yes, we do. Our warehouses in Bac Ninh, Danang, and Long An are equipped to the highest legal standards. You may select the one that best suits your needs and contact us for further assistance.

21. As an EPE company, may I import your paint directly to benefit from lower import tariffs?

Absolutely, you can. We have branches in Hong Kong and Japan, which enables us to easily fulfil your request.

22. Can I get the Certificate of Origin for import cargos to get tax incentives?

Yes, you can get a CO if your order quantities are large enough to qualify for the CO.

23. Does your company offer other related paint products? If so, what are they?

Yes, we do. Another typical product is our CT Thinner – Thinner for paint mixing and cleaning.
Product information can be found here:
We are also the supplier of coating equipment such as spray guns, pumps, gauges, etc. they are can be found on website as well.

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