Paint Voyager connects customers with high value-added paints in Japan.

Japan has many unique paints that we are proud to offer to the world. We propose such high value-added paints and deliver them to you just in time.

Service Guide

Proposal and arrangement service of Japanese paints

Capability to propose and source Japanese paints

Based in Tokyo for 60 years, our Japan headquarters has a long history of trusted relationships with paint manufacturers, enabling us to source the full range of Japanese paint products efficiently. The Japanese coatings industry is structured in such a way that paint distributors like us fulfill the role of supply chain experts, while paint manufacturers can focus on developing unique products. This sharing of roles has worked well and has resulted in world-class paints.

Japanese level technical support

Our mission begins after paints are delivered. Because we deeply understand the difficulty of transforming paint into a solid coating film. Our paint technicians in Japan feel the exact same way. That is why we form cross-border teams to provide technical support at your coating worksites!

Associated materials other than paint are also available.

The expertise of the Japanese painting industry is, of course, not limited to paints alone. We have many ideas for quality paint pretreatment chemicals and unique subsidiary materials. Of course, we can also arrange equipment and devices for use in painting. Of course, we have not forgotten about support and maintenance in this case. We focus on a wide range of support to achieve the coating film you are seeking

Paint is a hazardous product. Don’t hold too much; procure only what you need, when you “need it.

Store it safely and properly in Coature’s hazardous goods warehouse near you.

Paint, a hazardous product, has restrictions on storage at your plant. Fire prevention regulations will become increasingly strict. We have a fully equipped hazardous goods warehouse that you can make full use of. We also have a regular schedule for ocean transport from Japan, which allows you to achieve a streamlined sourcing plan. We can flexibly respond to your requests for direct importation, duty-free clearance by issuing a certificate of origin, and more!

As a coating partner
10 years in Viet Nam

Our customers are constantly striving to improve their coating processes in a highly competitive environment.
Paint Voyager will continue to update the newest information on Japanese paints for such customers.

Our Core Services

Here is an overview of the services provided by Coature Vietnam. Coature Group, Japanese paint specialists, make your products unique and competitive through a variety of services. First, please feel free to contact us with your coating concerns. We will propose the best service to meet your challenges.

Paint Voyager

Coating with high value-added paints will transform your products into uniquely competitive ones. Coature Group, with its extensive knowledge of Japanese paints, can propose high value-added paints and deliver them to you efficiently, even in small lots.

C.E Partner

Enhance the competitiveness of clients’ coating processes. We will be your partner in the pursuit of coating productivity by utilizing our unique know-how. Coating is the final step in the production process, therefore, it is the process that most strongly requires stability in quality and capability.

Local Paint Development

Through strong collaborations with domestic paint manufacturers, we will explore and develop high-quality Vietnamese paint. We select products that fit your budget, propose production plans, and provide a consistent service from color-matching to any troubleshooting. This establishes a long-term business partnership.

CT Thinner

The quality of the solvent as thinners has a great influence on the stability of coating quality. We politely propose the most suitable thinner according to the customer’s paint, the coating environment, and seasonal changes.
CT Thinner is manufactured entirely in Vietnam, which also contributes to cost reduction.

Coature Group’s Mission in Viet Nam

Through our Paint Service, we want to be of service to Japanese-affiliated enterprises working hard in Vietnam. Coature Group is a partner that resolves issues with customers through leveraging its knowledge and consulting skills in paints and coating.



Our challenge is ongoing. In all of our activities, we aim to create new value through pursuing lofty results without fear of failure.

Open mind

We continue to pursue the needs of customers with an untiring spirit of inquiry. Moreover, with a fair mind free of prejudice, we strive to understand diversity of cultures and values between different ethnic groups.


We always exhibit dynamism and place top priority on the frontline. Moreover, we aim to be an enterprise that acts and evolves globally.


We join forces to act as a single team. Moreover, as a team, we seek to share information openly and communicate freely.


We seek to be a unique presence for society through welcoming and realizing unique ideas.


We always respect societal norms, and strive diligently to refine all personalities so that we can make right judgments based on universal human values.


Holding a professional sense of mission, each member of Coature Group seeks to further improve his or her expertise with a view to providing value that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Coating for the Future

Our sole mission at Coature Group is to be your coating partner and to keep on contributing.