No.1: Single-component special modified epoxy resin primer



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Product Type:

✓Single-component special modified epoxy resin primer.


✓Be compatible with a variety of metal materials and topcoat paint.
✓Offer excellent corrosion resistance by achieving adhesion that cannot be obtained with topcoat painting alone.


Housing components, steel components, instruments, civil construction machinery, industrial machinery, various electrical components, and more…

Main features:

Dry by baking or in an air-dried state, quick-drying, and touch-dry capability.
Have excellent corrosion resistance and a beautiful coating appearance.
Not intentionally include harmful heavy metal-based pigments such as lead and chromium.

Coating Specification:

Pre-treatment: Cleaning, degreasing, phosphating, etc.
Painting method: Air spray, electrostatic spray.
Curing Condition: Tack free: within 10 minutes; Semi-cured: 30 minutes; Cured: 2 hours.

Product Specification:

Paint form: Single- component.
Mixing Ratio
Color: White, Light grey, Black
Thinner for dilution

Contact information:

✓ Distributed by: COATURE VIET NAM CO.,LTD
✓ Email:
✓ Website:
✓ Phone: Da Nang office: +84(0)987 388 887/ +84(0)762 871 449.
Ha Noi office: +84(0)978 320 689/ +84(0)858 242 215.


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