Scratch-resistant Paint

1. Product Overview

Scratch-resistant coatings are innovative coating agents used to protect surfaces from physical scratches. These types of coatings are characterized by their hardness, durability, and self-healing capabilities. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including surface treatment for automobiles, electronic devices, and everyday goods. Depending on the application, there are various types, including hard coatings, coatings with flexibility, and those with slip-resistant properties. 

2. Technical Details

These coatings, primarily composed of urethane acrylate and other urethane resins, depend on the elastic recovery of the film for their natural repairing ability. They form a three-dimensional cross-link through UV curing or thermal curing, creating a uniform film. This allows for adjustments in repair speed, thickness, and hardness. Additionally, the adoption of photo-curing technology enables the dual functionality of hard coating and self-healing. 

Plastics, especially thermoplastic types, can shrink or crack due to the solvents in paints, so careful selection of paint is necessary. 

3. Advantages and Applications

Scratch-resistant coatings significantly contribute to improving production efficiency and product quality. For example, in the automotive industry, they reduce body scratches, maintaining the vehicle’s appearance for an extended period. In electronic devices and mobile phones, these coatings preserve durability and aesthetics. Smartphone accessory manufacturers have reduced complaint rates by using these coatings. They are also applied to parts to eliminate issues with protective films, improving yield rates. 

4. Application and Maintenance

Scratch-resistant coatings are most effective when applied evenly and subjected to the proper hardening process using photo-curing technology. Maintenance does not require special care; regular cleaning is sufficient, but the use of strong chemicals or abrasive materials should be avoided. Regular inspections and maintenance as needed are also recommended. 

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