No.31: Purpose of Coating

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Key Notes 

The main purpose of painting is to protect objects and provide a comfortable environment. Since the value of paint is maximized through painting, they are closely related. 

1. The Relationship Between Paint and Painting 

Painting plays a key role in protecting objects and bringing a sense of safety and comfort to our lives. It’s applied from smartphones to large structures, enhancing the beauty of cityscapes through color effects. Paint and painting are essential to each other, and painting brings out the full value of the paint. 

2. The Field of Industrial Painting 

Industrial painting is a high-value sector rich in technology, characterized by various functional paints. These are categorized by their functions: thermal, electrical and magnetic, optical, chemical, surface, ecological, and others. 

    • Thermal functions include heat-resistant paints, flame retardant paints, insulating paints that expand during fires, thermochromic paints that change color with temperature, and heat-reflective paints.
    • Electrical and magnetic functions include conductive paints, electromagnetic shielding paints, and magnetic paints.
    • Optical functions include fluorescent paints, paints that change color with viewing angle, anti-reflective coatings, and photoresists that form circuit patterns in light.
    • Chemical functions include paints that adsorb chemicals to deodorize, and those with photocatalytic effects for anti-fouling, antibacterial, and deodorizing properties.
    • Surface functions include water-repellent and oil-repellent paints, ice-preventing paints, anti-condensation paints, strippable paints, and self-cleaning paints.
    • Ecological functions include marine anti-fouling paints to prevent the attachment of marine life, antibacterial paints, and insect-repellent paints.
    • Other functions include paints with special abilities such as foaming, moisture permeation, water stopping, soundproofing, and vibration damping. 

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