What is coating technology?

Key Note 

The goal of painting technology is to fully utilize the functions of multi-layer coatings to achieve environmentally friendly painting, taking into account performance and cost.

What is coating technology?

Painting technology involves applying a coat of paint to the surface of an object. It’s a complex process that requires more than just applying paint. This skill starts with preparing the surface and includes correctly applying the paint, drying, and polishing to achieve the painting’s goals. 

1. Multi-layer coating 

Painted products usually consist of several layers: primer, basecoat, and topcoat. The purpose and components of each layer are explained in another section. The painting process and final appearance of new cars differ according to three types of colors: solid, metallic, and pearl. The differences are shown in diagrams. 

2. Function of the coating layers 

While trucks are usually painted in solid colors, passenger cars often use metallic or pearl colors. Material manufacturers strive to develop unique designs. The total thickness of the paint is about 100 micrometers, the same as roughly two sheets of newspaper. This helps maintain the new car’s appearance for about 10 years. The technology of this coating is a culmination of fine chemical expertise and its functions.


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