No.6: High viscosity thick film soundproofing paint



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Product type:

✓High viscosity thick film soundproofing paint.


✓Provides excellent vibration damping (soundproofing) effect when applied ina thickness of 1 to 3mm.


Offers dew condensation prevention and reinforcement effects, as well as diverse properties like water resistance, warm water resistance, oil resistance, impact resistance, adhesion, and heat resistance. Designed with safety in mind, it does not contain harmful asbestos.

Main features:

Applying a 1mm thick layer results in a noise reduction of 5db to 10db, depending on the shape and thickness of the coated object.
The coating surface absorbs moisture and then dissipates it.
Dew condensation prevention, water resistance, warm water resistance, oil resistance.
Coating specification: Pre-treatment: Appropriate substrate preparation. Painting method: Applied with a trowel or high viscosity special gun spray.
Curing Condition: Normal temperature drying.

Product specification:

Paint form: Single-component / Solvent-based.
Color: Black.
Thinner: For trowel application: No dilution required.
For high viscosity special gun spraying: Dilute as needed with dedicated

Contact information:

✓ Distributed by: COATURE VIET NAM CO.,LTD
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✓ Website:
✓ Phone: Da Nang office: +84(0)987 388 887/ +84(0)762 871 449.
Ha Noi office: +84(0)978 320 689/ +84(0)858 242 215.


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