No.5: Paint for Hot Dip Galvanization Repair



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Product type:

✓Paint for Hot Dip Galvanization Repair.


✓Optimal for concealing and repairing discoloration in hot-dip galvanization.
✓Gradual change in gloss makes repaired areas less noticeable.
✓Complies with environmental regulations, maintaining aesthetics without compromising corrosion resistance.


For cut surfaces, welded areas, or ungalvanized parts, repair with Roval first, then apply Mekki Cover spray.
Be cautious of thick application as it may slow down the fading rate.

Main features:

Inconspicuous finish for hot-dip galvanization repairs.
Gloss changes similar to hot-dip galvanization.
Product compliant with environmental laws.

Coating specification:

Pre-treatment: Priming with Roval required.
Painting method: Aerosol type.
Curing Condition: 23℃×30 minutes

Product specification:

Paint form: Aerosol type
Color: Galvanized silver
No dilution.

Contact information:

✓ Distributed by: COATURE VIET NAM CO.,LTD
✓ Email:
✓ Website:
✓ Phone: Da Nang office: +84(0)987 388 887/ +84(0)762 871 449.
Ha Noi office: +84(0)978 320 689/ +84(0)858 242 215.


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