No.56: Super Non-stick Inorganic Coating



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 Product type:

✓ Super Non-stick Inorganic Coating.


✓ This coating features excellent water and oil repellency and super non-stick properties.
✓ When applied to equipment, it protects against all types of adhesion, enhancing maintainability.


Ideal for reducing maintenance in paint line booths, preventing coal tar adhesion on plant equipment, reducing flux adhesion on soldering lines, preventing oil stains on kitchen equipment, and preventing graffiti and poster adhesion.

Main features:

Exceptional water and oil repellency and non-stick performance.
Excellent adhesion, suitable for various substrates.
High solvent resistance and electrical insulation properties, and non-flammable.

Coating specification:

Pre-treatment: Appropriate surface preparation is necessary.
Not suitable for plastics such as ABS, PP, and PE.
Painting method: Spray, brush & roller, dipping.
Curing Condition: Air dry for 24 hours.
Accelerated drying at 80°C for 30 minutes

Product specification:

Paint form: Single-component, solvent-based.
Color: Clear.
Thinner: Dedicated thinner.

Contact information:

✓ Distributed by: COATURE VIET NAM CO.,LTD
✓ Email:
✓ Website:
✓ Phone: Da Nang office: +84(0)987 388 887/ +84(0)762 871 449.
Ha Noi office:  +84(0)858 242 215.


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