Fireproof Paint

1. Basic Overview of the Product 

Fireproof Paints are specially developed coatings designed to minimize the damage caused by fires. These paints make combustible materials flame retardant and provide insulating effects to non-combustible materials. Widely used in factories and buildings, they are known by various names such as fireproof paint, fire-resistant paint, flame-retardant paint, non-combustible paint, and fire-resistant coating materials, based on their mechanisms and effects. 

2. Technical Details 

The main function of Fireproof Paints is to form a non-combustible insulating substance upon ignition, reducing heat transfer. They work through the following mechanisms: 

    • Intumescent Fireproof Paints: On heating, the paint expands to form an insulating layer. They use emulsion-based or polyvinyl chloride-based binders, including foaming agents and carbonizing agents. 
    • Non-intumescent Fireproof Paints: These have inherent flame-retardant and self-extinguishing properties. Upon heating, they decompose to release chlorine or ammonia gases, water, and carbon dioxide, thereby blocking heat and oxygen. They come in organic and inorganic types, each containing different ingredients. 

 In Japan, fire resistance is proven through tests compliant with JIS A 1304 for fire-resistant construction. The performance of Fireproof Paints is evaluated based on the flame retardancy test under JIS A 1321, classified into levels from Class 1 to 3. 

3. Advantages and Applications 

Fireproof Paints can enhance the safety of production facilities and buildings. For instance, their use on steel structures in factories can reduce damage during fires, improving overall safety. They are also used on interior materials in buildings and facilities to provide protection from fires. 

4. Usage and Maintenance

To maximize the effectiveness of Fireproof Paints, proper application and maintenance are crucial. It’s important to apply an appropriate primer and apply the main material at the specified thickness. Regular inspections and maintenance ensure the longevity of the paint’s performance, providing long-term protection. 

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