No.117: Fluoropolymer Powder Coatings

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1. Basic Product Overview

Fluoropolymer powder coatings have high weather and chemical resistance and are available in two types: thermoplastic with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVdF) and thermosetting. Thermoplastic coatings require curing at temperatures above 230°C and are limited to specific applications, while thermosetting can be cured at 180-200°C, making them suitable for conventional powder coating lines. 

2. Technical Details

The innovation in this coating lies in the fluoroolefin vinyl ether resin developed by two leading Japanese resin manufacturers. This resin allows for lower curing temperatures while ensuring excellent adhesion to materials like stainless steel and aluminum. Especially for architectural applications, long-term durability is demanded, and these coatings have been successful in developing products that comply with AAMA 2605 and Qualicoat Class 3 standards. 

3. Advantages

Fluoropolymer powder coatings offer superior weather and chemical resistance, along with excellent adhesion to chromate-treated materials. This makes them ideal for applications in architectural materials where long-term durability is required. 

4. Disadvantages

For thermoplastic coatings, significantly higher curing temperatures are required compared to thermoset coatings. Although there is ongoing development in coatings blended with polyester resins as a cost consideration, it is necessary to balance performance and cost. 


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