No.14: Single-component thermosetting polyurethane resin coating



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Product type:

✓ Single-component thermosetting polyurethane resin coating


✓ Exhibits high weather resistance, film strength, and workability. Especially in weather resistance, it boasts over 80% gloss retention after 5000 hours of SWOM, offering excellent cost performance.
✓ Compared to traditional two-component urethane resin coatings, it reduces mixing labor, curing time, and space requirements, while maintaining equivalent performance with less effort and higher work efficiency.
✓ As a single-component coating, it allows for Wet-on-Wet painting, resulting in fewer runs and sags, enhancing workability.


Suitable for a wide range of applications requiring weather resistance, including building materials, residential hardware, exterior products, outdoor installations, and road materials.

Main features:

Industry-leading ultra-weather-resistant coating. Enhanced UV resistance due to HALS hybrid urethane resin. Superior painting workability compared to traditional two-component systems, with less dripping and sagging.

Coating specification:

Pre-treatment: Degreasing and chemical treatment.
Chromate processing.
Painting method: Electrostatic painting/Air spray.
Curing Condition: 170°C × 20 minutes

Product specification:

Paint form: One-component, solvent-based.
Color: Custom colors available
Available from glossy to semi-gloss.
Thinner: Dedicated thinner for thermosetting Polyurethane Resin.

Contact information:

✓ Distributed by: COATURE VIET NAM CO.,LTD
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✓ Website:
✓ Phone: Da Nang office: +84(0)987 388 887/ +84(0)762 871 449.
Ha Noi office: +84(0)978 320 689/ +84(0)858 242 215.


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