No.41: Brush and Roller Painting 

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Key Points Note

The basic steps of brush painting are the essence of painting. These steps include loading, distributing, NARASHI, and MURAKIRI. 

Brush painting is an age-old, trusted method of painting. Skilled craftsmen treat their brushes, an essential tool, with great care. Properly maintained tools are vital for achieving high-quality painting. When the paint is spread, it experiences shear force, allowing it to properly penetrate and smooth out over the surfaces being painted. Paints with longer drying times are particularly suitable for brush painting. The basic steps of brush painting are as follows: 

  1. Loading the Paint: Load the paint onto the brush, covering about two-thirds of the bristles from the tip, then lightly tap the brush inside the container to prevent dripping.
  2. Distributing the Paint: Distribute the paint evenly, moving left and right on horizontal surfaces and bottom to top on vertical surfaces. For larger areas, use an 80×80cm section as a guideline, distributing the paint along the longer direction.
  3. Evening Out the Paint (NARASHI): Once distribution is complete, use the brush to even out the paint thickness at a right angle to the direction of application.
  4. Brush Mark Finishing (MURAKIRI): This step involves evening out and smoothing the brush mark Using a flat brush, smooth out the brush marks from one corner to the other in parallel, payi

Roller painting follows the same basic steps as brush painting but with different tools. Using a roller allows for quick coverage of larger areas. First, paint the corners and areas where the roller can’t reach. Then, as shown in the illustrations, distribute the paint evenly over the entire surface. Next, quickly even out the paint and uniformly smooth out the roller marks. The key to roller painting is to rotate the roller with even pressure, making the seams less noticeable and the roller marks even. 


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