Prepare the environment for coating

Key Points Note

For seed prevention, it is particularly effective to prevent static electricity, create a flow of ionized air, and wipe with a brush. These measures are essential for maintaining the quality of painting work. 

Article 1: Preparing a Suitable Environment for Painting 

Cleaning the paint room and dust-proofing are essential for high-quality painting work. Dirt on the painted surface or pinholes and cissing (uneven parts of the painting surface) can affect the finish. Next, we introduce important steps for seed prevention. 

1. Anti-static Measures 

1.1 Static electricity generated by the contact between objects attracts dust and dirt, which can cause seeds. Preventing the generation of static electricity is crucial. Specific measures include: 

    • Keeping humidity below 70%.
    • Wearing conductive clothing and shoes.
    • Ionizing the air in the painting room to prevent object electrification.

1.2 For electrically insulating objects, blowing ionized air can prevent static electricity. In the local method, alternating current voltage is applied to a corona pin to generate both ions, reducing static electricity. This method produces fewer ions and has a slower de-staticizing speed compared to the direct current voltage method, but it is effective for static electricity measures. 

1.3 In the paint booth, use a direct current power supply and switch the poles every 7-10 seconds to fill the booth air with both ions. Floating particles that cause seeds are charged either positively or negatively, but their type of charge is unknown. Therefore, use the opposite charge to attract these particles and expel them with the airflow. 

1.4 Removing particles adhered to the object being painted can be challenging, but since there are relatively more positively charged fine fiber dirt, the wiping method using negatively charged PP brushes is effective. 

2. Creating Airflow 

Generally, in painting booths, air is drawn in from the top and exhausted under the floor, creating a flow. Reducing the volume of air exhausted pressurizes the painting space, contributing to seed prevention. Also, adjusting the flow rate to ensure efficient flow of ionized air is important. 

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