Electrically Conductive Paint_c_Electromagnetic Shielding Paint

1. Product Overview

Electromagnetic wave shielding paint prevents the leakage of electromagnetic waves from electronic devices and blocks their entry from outside. This paint is effective in preventing malfunction of electronic devices, data destruction, and impact on pacemakers, thereby widely used to improve the safety and reliability of products. 

2. Technical Details

The main components of the electromagnetic wave shielding paint are conductive fillers such as copper, nickel, and silver powders, combined with special additives and solvents that have high conductivity. The paint film works by absorbing electromagnetic waves and reflecting them repeatedly. Its effectiveness depends on the conductivity and thickness of the film, with resistance values ranging from 10 to the minus 4th power of to 10 to the minus 5th power of Ω・cm. The performance of the paint can vary based on the size and distribution of particles and the method of application, making the choice of the right painting process crucial. 

3. Advantages and Applications

With more electronic devices and faster communication speeds, there is a growing need for ways to block electromagnetic waves. In the past, metal cases were used to block these waves. However, as electronic devices become smaller and lighter, more are made with materials like plastic and rubber. This has led to increased interest in using paint that can block electromagnetic waves. 

When applied to the body of electronic devices, electromagnetic wave shielding paint prevents the intrusion of electromagnetic waves, enhancing product reliability. Common uses include painting plastic cases and grounding them to convert radio waves into electric currents that are then discharged into the ground. It is also used as a reflective material for BS broadcasting antennas and satellite receiving parabolic antennas. The ease of application has led to its wide adoption in various fields through coated films and sheets. Additionally, it can be used in electromagnetic wave shielding building materials combined with materials like gypsum board. 

4. Usage and Maintenance

For effective use of electromagnetic wave shielding paint, it is important to apply it with the correct thickness and evenly. The method of painting should be chosen based on the material and shape of the body, and attention must be paid to surface treatment before painting. Regular inspection of the painted surface and repainting as necessary are needed. The paint should be stored in a stable environment with controlled humidity and temperature. 


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