No.111: Types of Powder Coatings (Thermosetting and Thermoplastic) 

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Powder coatings are commonly classified by the type of synthetic resin they contain, with thermosetting powder coatings and thermoplastic powder coatings being the two types widely used in Japan. Thermosetting powder coatings are typically applied as a thin film (40–150µm) using the electrostatic powder coating method, while thermoplastic powder coatings are often applied as a thick film (200µm to several mm) using the fluidized bed dipping method, and some powder coatings are compatible with both application methods. 

Thermosetting powder coatings are made by mixing solid resin materials that contain low molecular weight reactive functional groups with hardeners, and pigments and other additives are added as needed. During the curing process in the coating line, the resin and hardener melt and react chemically to form a high molecular weight film (coating) that does not melt upon reheating, resulting in a durable coating. 

On the other hand, thermoplastic powder coatings have the characteristic of melting upon reheating even after the coating has cured, and are mainly applied as a thick film over 200µm using the fluidized bed dipping method. 

Here, we would like to explain about the thermosetting powder coatings that our company mainly deals with. Thermosetting powder coatings are classified according to the following resin types: 

    1. Epoxy
    2. Epoxy/Polyester Hybrid
    3. Polyester
    4. Acrylic
    5. Acrylic/Polyester Hybrid
    6. Fluoropolymer


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